Ruibao Lucerne City headquarters grand opening

Traditional mechanical rolex replica specialist Chronoswiss headquarters House of Chronoswiss has a grand opening, marking the brand into a new milestone. Chronoswiss is located on the 16th Löwenstrasse (Lion Street) in downtown Lucerne. Its replica watches uk architectural features are open and transparent design concepts and welcome public visitors to visit, which is a great news for those who love the clock making process. \ Visitors who come to Chronoswiss headquarters can see the watchmakers' expertise by opening a watchmaking studio or a large display screen. Another focus of the replica watches headquarters is its dial production workshop, which has ancient equipment, used to make dial, movement and very unique exquisite watch style, visitors can learn from the car carving (guilloche), hollow engraving and enamel and other exquisite Watch production process tradition. In addition, the headquarters has a history corridor interactive display system, through the display screen brand 30 years of history and important milestones, as well as the Swiss watch production of the top technical level, so that a deeper understanding and appreciation of the superb skills of watchmakers. Visitors to visit the cylindrical open studio, the history of the corridor and the dial production workshop, then you can visit the store here, enjoy or buy from the watchmaker Chronoswiss watch series of clocks. The headquarters architectural design has implemented the interactive, open and transparent business philosophy of Oliver Ebstein, CEO of Chronoswiss, and his wife Eva Ebstein, such as extensive use of glass materials (total area of ​​nearly 300 square meters), a glimpse of interior design and rich Dynamic open or closed space layout; among the three cylindrical work room is reminiscent of the movement of the gear layout, clever symbol Chronoswiss headquarters contains the clock production process; one of the largest cylindrical workplace is open workshop, There are five watchmakers working. Buildings and decorations of the building are made of natural wood and stone in nature, creating a bright and transparent, cordial and dynamic atmosphere; architectural structure, elegant wall and material unique texture, showing the shape and material harmony beauty, and Chronoswiss Watch the first-class quality and flawless aesthetics echoes; reception has a number of boutique furnishings, including the 4.7-meter-high ceiling hanging from the Bocci lighting, designed for the building to add a unique style atmosphere.